Ministry on the River

Ministry on the River, a St. Peter’s outreach project, completed its first overwhelmingly successful year in December 2001, and continues to offer prayers and support for mariners.

From the St. Peter's Episcopal Church 2010 Annual Report, January 2010:
by Bud Wilson

"It was another successful year for the Ministry on the River. We delivered over 80 gift boxes to companies serving the inland rivers around and north of St. Louis. Among the items included in the gift boxes, and what adds that special touch—are the homemade fudge and cappuccino made by our fabulous Evening Women’s Association of St. Peter’s and special Christmas cards designed exclusively by or 2nd and 3rd grade Church School children. This is a very special treat for the men and women on the boats. At the holiday, it adds that extra touch of home! Thank you all for you dedication to this ministry!

I would also like to thank everyone at St. Peter’s for your continuing support of the Ministry. You have been loyal and efficient packers for several years and your help and dedication are much appreciated."


The Ministry was originally started in England in 1845 by a group of Episcopal Church women who wanted to support their beloved mariners in the English Navy. This endeavor is presently supported by the Seamen’s Church Institute (SCI) headquartered in New York City and has now expanded its services to mariners to include counseling, pastoral services, and legal advocacy.

In 1997, SCI expanded its services to inland waterways and titled it Ministry on the River (RM). Congregations along the river seek ways to meet the unique challenges mariners’ face who now number over 20,000.