St. Louis Internship Project Report

The mission of the St. Louis Internship Program is to provide hope, support, assistance and inspiration to high school students with financial and other needs in obtaining summer internships in professional settings and developing life skills necessary to expand their educational and employment opportunities. Since the program’s inception, over 2,000 young people have completed the program with 99% graduating from high school and 98% going forth to pursue their post-secondary goals, the vast majority selecting a college or university.

The St. Louis Internship Program, created in 1992 with the insight of the legal community in collaboration with the St. Louis Public Schools and Mathews Dickey Boys and Girls Club, has grown from providing law internships to 52 interns in 1992, to approximately 300 internships each summer in close to 80 different types of professions. During the summer hundreds of interns work in businesses throughout the St. Louis metropolitan area. These students are recruited from the St. Louis Public Schools, county, and parochial schools as well as area youth agencies.

The St. Louis Internship Program is a collaboration of businesses, professional associations, education, foundations, civic organizations, not-for-profit agencies and individuals. It has been replicated in 37 cities and is a nationwide example of the importance of an entire community pulling together to provide a good foundation for its city’s young people. The partnership that the Program has with St. Peter’s Church is another example of two organizations sharing a common goal toward the betterment of the community.

The St. Louis Internship Program is impacting the lives of hundreds of young people by equipping them with skills and inspiration to be successful. St. Peter's parishioners are excited to play a part in this important ministry.

by Annie Schlafly, Board Member